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Susu is the creative partnership of Kilian & Nathan. Every project we create is a challenge to go all-in completely for the sake of fun; to not stop building until we’re exhausted and grinning ear-to-ear. We focus on getting every detail right, bring joy into the world, and leaving plenty of easter eggs along the way.

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  • Event・2018-12-09


  • Album art・2018-12-08

    Unicore Album Cover

  • Event・2018-06-30

    Snackalong: Ocean's Eleven

  • Branding・2018-02-11



  • Magazine・2016-03-15・We weren’t SuSu yet, but still working together on projects

    Fortunate Horse Issue 2 + 3

Kilian McMahon (Su)

Kilian is from Dublin Ireland. He loves getting absorbed in the details, no matter how small. That could be the etymology of a word he heard in a song lyric, the perfect recreation of a sandwich from a restaurant that he loved but has since gone out of business or doing research to ensure the typeface in a historical project is period accurate. He is currently a Frontend Designer at Kickstarter and was previously at Tito and Úll.

Nathan Maggio (Su)

Nathan is from the Bay Area and won’t shut up about it. He likes to create traditions, then continue them forever. Here is a list of his favorite things: outer space, emoji, buddhism, long train rides, photography, and live music.

Previously he was the senior creative lead for the Elizabeth Warren campaign, a creative director at Blue State, the art director for Funny Or Die, and a waiter at Outback Steakhouse.

Visitors to our Long Island City studio

There is a simple rule: when you visit the studio you get a photo on the wall. These are our spoils to date:

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🌐 SuSuniverse

These are our people who make great things.

  • Our friend Natasha Fedorova does great illustration work for us sometimes but more importantly runs Drink With Dog— the best place to look for dog friendly breweries and bars in NYC. Barks and brews, what’s better?
  • Our friend Eli Horne put together an amazing documentary of Snackalong. Who told Eli he gets to be handsome and talented? Check out his Youtube channel.
  • Our friend Keith Holjencin was a wonderful studiomate and a charmer all around. He destroyed Kilian’s music listening stats via our sonos and even though that is unforgivable, check him out.

🎉 Good Time, Fun Times

We endorse these people/things/places/sounds/characters 10,000% and you should check them out.

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